ADJ Lighting WMX1 Standalone DMX Control Package For Musical Events with EVA Case

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ADJ Lighting WMX1 Standalone DMX Control Package For Musical Events with EVA Case

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ADJ Lighting WMX1 Standalone DMX Control System For Musical Events with EVA Case:

DJ lighting controllers have been pretty much unchanged for the past few years. As such, when a dramatically different new lighting controller hits the market, we get excited.  You can read our full first-look review and overview by clicking here.

The ADJ Lighting WMX1, powered by Wolfmix, is a standalone lighting control system designed with the performer in mind. Featuring a 4.3” color touchscreen display and 37 backlit silicone buttons, it allows intuitive hands-on control of a DMX lighting setup. It features a toolbox of FX modules and eight independent fixture groups which allow for the simple creation of high-impact light shows on the fly without a computer. Ideal for mobile entertainers as well as bars, clubs, and entertainment venues, this compact but powerful controller puts creative lighting control at any user’s fingertips.

Offering a unique new hands-on interface for creative lighting control, the ADJ WMX1 is a powerful and compact standalone DMX controller. Designed for creating high-impact light shows on the fly without a computer, it features an intuitive workflow, powerful internal FX engine, and tactile controls that make it easy for anyone to take control of a DMX lighting rig comprised of multiple fixture types.

Setup of the WMX1 is quick and straightforward, with a menu interface on the 4.3” capacitive touch TFT screen allowing easy selection, addressing, and grouping of fixtures. 3,500+ fixture profiles are included on the controller itself, with more than 15,000 accessible through the supporting WTOOLS app. The WMX1 also features a Fixture Builder, for creating custom profiles or for use with old or obscure fixtures, as well as a Fixture Calibration tool, which allows limiting of the area covered by moving heads.

Once configured, the system allows independent control of up to eight groups of fixtures (four accessible via a Shift key), with 37 backlit silicone buttons and four rotary encoders allowing three different FX engines (Color, Move, and Beam) to be easily triggered and customized independently for each group. The controller also features separate dedicated buttons for Strobe, Blinder, Speed, Blackout, and Smoke.

The WMX1 features four DMX universes and four output sockets (two 5-pin and two 3-pin) with the ability to map any universe to any output, allowing the unit to also serve as a DMX splitter. Out of the box, the system supports a single DMX universe (output via all four sockets), while three additional universes are available as upgrades through the WTOOLS app. It also features both an internal microphone and 3.5mm jack line input socket for automated BPM detection, as well as a button that allows the BPM to be ‘tapped in’ manually.

A Color Picker interface on the screen, which allows easy selection of just the right hue, can be used both for RGBW and RGBWA+UV LED fixtures. Other useful features include automatic matching of similar GOBOs across different fixture types, Fixture FLIP function (for reversing beam order), Fixture SPLIT function (for splitting up multi-FX bars), and Auto-recovery of the active project (no manual saving needed).

Despite its low weight (2.36lb / 1070g) and compact dimensions (7.68” x 8.66” x 2.44” / 195 x 220 x 62mm [LxWxH]), the WMX1 is extremely robust. Inside its tough ABS plastic shell, the unit features a powder-coated steel base plate and reinforced backplate. Its 220Mhz CPU with ARM core and 8MB RAM / 16MB flash memory allow for extremely complex effects to be layered and run independently across multiple groups all in real-time.
  • Standalone (no computer needed)
  • Compatible with any DMX device
  • The standard unit comes with 1 DMX universe but up to 3 additional universes are available as add-ons, which are sold via the WTOOLS app.
  • Up to 680 fixtures & beams
  • Up to 50 fixture types
  • Up to 5000 fixture features (color/gobo etc...)
  • 8 fixture groups
  • 6 projects
  • 15000+ available fixtures (3500+ on the controller)
  • DMX address, fixture order & group setup
  • Use as a DMX splitter with DMX universe mapping
Palettes & FX
  • Color FX module with 8 effect types & 16 definable colors
  • Move FX module with 8 effect types
  • Beam FX module with 8 effect types
  • 6 Flash buttons for controlling Special FX, Strobe, Blinder, Speed, Blackout & Smoke
  • Static color palette with 10 user-definable colors per group & gradient control
  • Static position palette with 5 user-definable positions per group with fade & fanning
  • Gobo palette with 5 user-definable gobos per group
  • 20 namable live edit buttons with flash triggering mode and ‘Park’ function
  • 100 namable presets for storing snapshots withhold and fade timings
  • Preset playback cue list- all presets or per page of 20 presets
Control & Sync
  • Group and master dimming with encoder acceleration
  • Group FLASH, FULL, and Blackout
  • 16 bit Pan/Tilt control
  • Multi-beam LED bar control
  • FX music pulse sync from Microphone or Line-In
  • FX BPM sync with Ableton Link, OS2L, or BPM TAP
  • Effect Speed, Phase, Order, Size, Fade, Fan & Flick
  • Live control of move FX registration point
  • Global FX speed and freeze control
  • Map DMX IN with group dimmer and patch to output channels*
  • WLINK - sync with another Wolfmix controller
Built-in tools
  • Fixture Builder
  • Fixture calibration tool, to limit the area of moving fixtures
  • X-Y touch-controlled positioning grid
  • RGBW touch-controlled color picker
  • 8-step real-time sequencer for creating beam and moving FX
  • Live view of DMX levels with default value override and DMX channel tester
  • Beam Editor to override Min and max values used in generated FX
Other neat features
  • Calibrate and RGB, White, Amber, UV mixing with automatic fixed color wheel translation
  • Automatic matching of similar gobos across different fixture types
  • The timed release of flash and preset buttons
  • Fixture FLIP function, for reversing beam order
  • Fixture SPLIT function, for splitting up multi-FX bars
  • Lock full controller, or lock editing with a password
  • Project & fixture backup with WTOOLS app
  • Offline 3D visualization with Easy View & WTOOLS over USB*
  • Auto-recovery of the active project (no manual saving needed)
  • Import different fixture setups into the same project
  • Starts in under 2 seconds. Starts sending DMX in under 1 second
  • Factory firmware startup recovery mode for times of crisis
*some features require an add-on purchase available through the WTOOLS app

  • 4.3” Color TFT with tinted glass
  • Capacitive touch
  • Full body alloy
  • Incremental push with acceleration
Button pads
  • 37 Silicone buttons with matt oil finishing
  • LED color backlit
  • 220Mhz CPU with ARM core
  • 8MB RAM
  • 16MB Flash
  • Omnidirectional electret mic
  • 3.5mm Jack Line-In
  • Analog adaptive peak detector
  • 2x 3pin DMX OUT XLR connectors
  • 1x 5pin DMX OUT XLR connector
  • 1x 5pin DMX IN/OUT XLR connector with WLINK
  • ABS Plastic
  • Powder-coated steel base plate with 100mm VESA (M4 6mm max)
  • Powder-coated steel reinforced back plate
Size & weight
  • 195 x 220 x 62 mm / 7.68 x 8.66 x 2.44 in
  • 1070g / 2.36lb

Package Includes:

(1) ADJ Lighting WMX1 

(1) Durable transport case with accessory compartments