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Ape Labs Ape Stick 2.0 Battery Powered and Wireless DMX LED Wash Tube Package of 4 with Case & Remote

  • Ape Labs Lighting Ape Labs Ape Stick 2.0 Battery Powered and Wireless DMX LED Wash Tube Package of 4 with Case & Remote

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Ape Labs Ape Stick 2.0 Battery Powered and Wireless DMX LED Wash Tube Package of 4 with Case & Remote


Ape Labs Ape Stick

Ape Labs Stick 2.0 Battery-Powered and wireless LED Tube With Magnets Package of 4:

Battery Powered DMX LED Wash Tube Event Lighting 

These wide angle tubes can wash a room, accent an object, or provide incredible eye-candy for musical event lightning!

Discover the Ape Labs Stick 2.0 

The compact classic, Stick 2.0, with 24 in (61 cm), is a brighter LED.  Now also camera-compatible for TV and film recordings without flickering. The ApeStick can be attached with a magnet, Ape Labs Stick-Clamp or standing with the floor adapter. No matter how no matter where.

Diverse Uses

Ape Labs Stick 2.0 & Stick XL can be used in almost every area. Gastronomy, event, or TV - the new variants 2.0 & XL meet professional requirements and are also very easy to use. Small in diameter at 30mm they fit into every corner. Fastening upright, by a magnet, truss clamp, or floor stand - we have the right solution for every idea.

Easy Handling

All Ape Labs lamps can be controlled via IOS & Android app in connection with " CONNECT " or the remote control. All lamps can also be controlled via wireless DMX for professional users. In addition, all wireless connections can be secured against unauthorized access by the pairing function. With the backup mode, colors can also be set using the button on the lamp.

Long Battery Life

The Ape Labs Stick 2.0 variant offers 10 hours of battery life. The big brother, Stick XL, 8 hours. If it takes longer: The brightness can be exchanged for the runtime using a smartphone app!

Ape Labs Stick 2.0 Features

  • Rechargeable LED bar light 24 in (61 cm) long for indoor IP 60
  • Very flexible and bright battery light tube for illuminating rooms or for use as a profile light
  • Flexible attachment using neodymium magnets with high holding power and stainless steel mounting plates for attaching to non-metallic objects
  • Accessory stand for vertical mounting (standing) or bracket with mini TV spigot available as an accessory
  • Battery operation or continuous operation with mains power is possible
  • Made in Germany
  • Suitable for a variety of applications, such as ambient lighting, mobile path lighting, facade lighting, profile lighting, dance floor lighting, stage lighting, and catering lighting
  • Battery operation approx. 10 hours
  • Beam angle 120°
  • Continuous operation is possible with an external power pack. The lamp does not turn off automatically when an external power supply is interrupted
  • Controllable via remote control, smartphone app, wireless DMX, Smarthome KNX
  • PWM (LED refresh rate) adjustable via smartphone app (500Hz to 4000Hz)
  • Fanless
  • This item is used to expand existing sets. Does not include any accessories other than the stainless steel mounting plates
  • Also suitable for film & TV. PWM (LED refresh rate) adjustable via a smartphone app

What's Included:

  • (1) Ape Labs Stick 2.0 (Solo)
  • (1) Ape Labs Remote Control
  • (1) Kaces Luxe DJ Gear Bag
  • (8) Stainless steel magnet plates, cable ties, and screws
  • (1) Super PSU Charger with US Plug
  • (2) 2-Way PSU Splitters