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Ape Labs Can SE RoadPack of 12 Battery Powered Rechargeable Wireless Up Light (White)

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  • Ape Labs Wash Lighting/ Up Lighting Ape Labs Can SE RoadPack of 12 Battery Powered Rechargeable Wireless Up Light (White)

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Ape Labs Can SE RoadPack of 12 Battery Powered Rechargeable Wireless Up Light (White)

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Ape Labs Can SE RoadPack of 12 (White)

RoadPack of 12:

The Light Can SE is a rechargeable, battery-powered (Batteries included) LED light for many different applications and musical event lightning.

The Road Pack includes 12 Can SE (Batteries included), 1 Road Case, a power charger, and the legendary Ape Remote control.

Battery Powered Wireless Event Lighting

Nothing is quicker when it comes to set-up. It’s great for traditional uplighting, unique “Wall Art” uplighting, Eye-Candy effects, washing, spotting, and more.

With battery power, wireless control, and no onboard controls besides a power button, you can simply drop and go. No need to pair your controller with the light, they automatically figure that out once the controller is turned on.

Optic lenses can be swapped out for different uses and applications. Each Can SE comes with a Fresnel effect lens and a frosted lens. Plus, a 10-degree optics kit is available to offer a traditional wash.  The Ape Labs Table Light Adaptor is also available as an optional accessory.

The housing is water-resistant and totally splash-proof, meaning it can be used almost anywhere in almost any application.

Weighing about a pound and featuring built-in wireless control, it’s super easy to take on the road. The battery will last over 12 hours at full power on a single charge.

The Ape Labs Can SE also has several available accessories including a 10 Degree Lens (for a traditional par effect) and Swivel Ball Adapter (for more mounting options). Although not specifically designed for it, the CoinTube will work with the Can SE as long as the Tube can be securely mounted or clamped.

All Ape Labs products can be controlled wirelessly by the ApeRemote, W-App, or W-Ape. One remote can control an unlimited number of fixtures and set any light to any group for DMX-Like control on a simple nine-button remote. For more advanced controls, the W-App offers an intuitive experience creating scenes and shows thru the iOS or Android app. For even more options, Ape Labs fixtures can be controlled via wireless DMX (with either the W-App or W-Ape).

Ape Labs Can SE Features:

  • 15 Watts - RGBW LED
  • Water-Resistant
  • 12+ Hour Battery Life at Full Power (all colors on)
  • Built-in NiMH Battery Pack
  • Interchangeable Lenses for Different Beam Angles
  • Unique 65 Degree Fresnel Effect Lens Included: Great for Uplighting & Dancefloors
  • 170 Degree Frost Lens Included: Great for Eye-Candy & Short Throw Wash
  • Optional 10 Degree Lens: Great for Traditional Uplighting & Spotlighting
  • Additional Accessories Available
Included with all Ape Labs Lighting:
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • 3-Year USA Warranty
  • 3,000ft Wireless DMX Range
  • 100ft Wireless Remote Control Range
  • Compatibility: All Ape Labs Fixtures Play Nice with Each Other
  • MusikMode: One Button Creates an Intelligent Music Light Show (not the "sound active" you’re used to!)
  • Control via DMX, RF Remote, or Smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • Groupable: Simplified Programming with DMX-Like Results
  • Built-in Presets, Dimmable, Adjustable Speed, Independent or Grouped MusikMode, DMX Modes (3Ch, 4Ch, 8Ch)
  • All-Metal Housing
  • Easy, Efficient, Elegant 

Size: 5.4 x 2.2 inches
Weight: 0.86 lbs

Package includes:

(12) Ape Labs Can SE White with integrated batteries included

(1) Ape Remote

(12) Frosted Lenses

(12) 4-degree Lenses

(1) Ape Labs Road Bag

(1) Power supply and chargers