RCF ART915-AX Powered Bluetooth PA Speaker Package with RCF Covers (2)

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  • RCF Powered Speakers RCF ART915-AX Powered Bluetooth PA Speaker Package with RCF Covers (2)


RCF ART915-AX Powered Bluetooth PA Speaker Package with RCF Covers (2)

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High-Quality Music Equipment ART 915-AX Powered Professional Bluetooth Speaker Package

RCF ART 915-AX 2100 Watt Powered Bluetooth Speaker Package with 15" Woofer:

 2100 W: the most powerful wireless Bluetooth® speaker

ART 9-AX is the most powerful speaker on the market, also when connected wirelessly. 

The Class 1 Bluetooth® connection can receive 2-channel audio streaming and provides a stereo or dual mono output for pairing with AX-featured RCF speakers. We tested over 100 meters (328 feet) of free-field operability. Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth® connection when you have architectural constraints, pedestrian areas, or inaccessible signal connections.

Power that moves

The most powerful amplifier in its class. RCF's improvements in transducer design make them stronger and more powerful, so the amplifier follows the evolution.

With 2100 Watts of power, the 2-channel ART 9 Class-D amplifier is 50% more powerful than previous models, able to manage extremely high sound pressure levels with an ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and very low heat loss.

ART 9 is very energy-efficient so there is no need for a cooling fan - the amplifier is attached to a solid aluminum heat exchanger in the back of the unit - with no moving parts.

Being physically connected to the internal frame, the amplifier is firm and solid within the cabinet. The input circuit features a new low-distortion design with an advanced safety limiter, maintaining the true character of the input signal at all levels. All ART 9 amplifiers are designed according to EN62368-1 for maximum safety and present a Switch Mode Power Supply section joining high efficiency with minimum weight.

Notable Features:

  • Built-in 6-channel Digital Mixer
  • Advanced User Interface w/ touch panel and remote control
  • 1.75" Compression Driver and 15" Woofer
  • Up to 131 dB Sound Pressure Level
  • 2100W Class-D Bi-Amplification
  • Dual combo preamp with 48V Power and Mini-jack stereo line input
  • Bluetooth® stereo audio input, with dual speaker pairing option
  • True Resistive Waveguide, FiRPHASE, and Bass Motion Control


ART 915-AX is a top-notch solution for any audio application

Featuring 48V microphone preamps and line inputs, an internal 6-channel digital mixer with advanced DSP, Bluetooth® stereo audio input, with dual speaker pairing option. The combination of a 1.75" compression driver, 15" woofer, and two-channel 2100W amplifier, produces 100° x 60° constant directivity coverage for the listening area with up to 131 dB SPL, distortion-free sound. The sleek cabinet uses a special polypropylene composite material with an M-brace internal reinforcement, making it easy to carry and secure to install on a pole, flown-, wall-, or truss-mounted using the multiple rigging points available.


With the new ART 9-AX Series, you can leave your mixer at home.

6-Channel Internal Mixer

  • Two THAT Corporation® Low Noise Preamps
  • Stereo Aux Input
  • Stereo Bluetooth® Audio Input

Flexible Output

  • Direct Link Output
  • L/R Output wired stereo operations
  • Crossover Subwoofer Output with presets for several RCF SUB

THAT Corporation® Studio Grade Preamplifiers

Get the best microphone you have, because ART 9-AX provides you with the best preamp you can find in this segment.

The microphone preamplifier circuit features the latest THAT Corporation technology to provide an ultra-clean and precise signal to the speaker.

All Colors of Sound at your Fingertips

The ART 9-AX has several operating modes, alone or paired with other speakers and/or subwoofers, wired or wireless. 

All available functions and parameters are rear-panel accessible, or from a dedicated app, with iOS and Android devices.

Large Touch Display

2.4-inch Color Touch Panel 
Push Encoder
Swipe Function for Fast Navigation

Best in Class Preamplifiers

THAT Corporation® Low Noise Preamps

+48V Phantom Power

Combo Inputs

Mono TRS or XLR

MiniJack Input

3.5 mm Stereo Input

Mix/Link Output

Mono Mix Output

Connect ART 9-AX to another Speaker or Sub

Aluminium Heatsink

Silent Fanless Amplifier
Stable and Firm

Industry Leading Touch Display

The back panel features a large 2.4-inch color touch display and a push encoder to adjust all speaker settings on-the-fly. 

The dual-mode menu is optimized for fast navigation: Easy Mode for fast and immediate setup, and Advanced Mode for professional tuning and signal routing.

Pair it Wireless, with a Touch

The speaker can be used alone, connected to another ART, or even connected to a subwoofer. Bring out the best sound of your system with a 5-band equalizer, output delay, and a built-in digital crossover with presets.

You can connect two ART 9-AX units via wireless for stereo or dual mono configurations. Turn on your mobile device and connect it to your ART 9-AX for Bluetooth ® audio streaming and remote control for both single and dual-paired speakers.

Advanced Features for Professional Users

The internal mixer disentangles all your routing needs and an internal crossover helps you use the speaker with any subwoofer. An internal 5-band parametric EQ lets you manage boomy spaces or modal resonances, while the output delay keeps your sound always in sync.

Wireless pairing to another ART 9-AX is a handy tool when you have physical constraints and can't run signal cables.

Set your RCF SUBs in seconds

With internal ready-to-use presets for RCF subwoofers, your sound system is perfectly aligned and ready for the show in a few steps.

Connect your sub to ART 9-AX, select the speaker preset on the menu and you are ready to play.

RCF ART915-AX Specifications:

Frequency Response:
45 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
Max SPL @ 1m:
130 dB
Horizontal coverage angle:
Vertical coverage angle:
Compression Driver:
1 x 1.0'', 1.75'' v.c
15'', 2.5'' v.c
Input signal:
Input connectors:
Combo XLR/Jack
Output connectors:
Crossover Frequencies:
Thermal, RMS
Soft Limiter
Color touch panel, data entry/volume encoder, dedicated App for iOS and Android.
Total Power:
2100 W Peak, 1050 W RMS
High frequencies:
700 W Peak, 350 W RMS
Low frequencies:
1400 W Peak, 700 W RMS
Frequency Response:
20 Hz ÷ 20 Hz
THD+N, 20dB gain, 0dBu out:
0.005% A-Weighted
Processing Channels:
Signal Processing:
24 Bit
A/D-D/A conversion:
32 Bit @ 48.0 kHz
Dynamic range:
Remote Controlled Storable Gain:
Gain Range:
0 dB ÷ 42 dB
Input Noise Level:
-114 dBu A-Weighted
Mic Inputs Impedance:
6 kohm
Low Cut:
20 Hz ÷ 400 Hz
Phantom Power +48V:
Mono Line:
Gain Selection:
0 dB ÷ 22 dB
Line Input Impedance:
21 kohm
A/D Dynamic range:
114 dB
Stereo Line:
Gain Selection:
0 dB ÷ 10 dB
Stereo Line Input Impedance (kOhm):
13 kohm
Main MIX:
Main Out Impedance:
150 ohm
Main Out Level:
22 dBu
D/A Dynamic Range:
114 dB
RCF Compressors:
Compressors on MIC/LINE CH1 & CH2 Inputs
Input Channels EQ:
2 Shelving 1
3 Band EQ: High and Low band shelving, MID band peak on IN
5 Band EQ: 4 Full Parametric, 1 High Shelving, and HPF 24 dB/Oct on the amplifier and MAIN output.
Send Effects:
Main OUT type:
Safety agency:
CE compliant
Cabinet/Case Material:
PP Composite
1 x M10 top, 1 x M10 each side
1 top, 1 each side
Pole mount/Cap:
Actual Dimensions:
717 mm / 28.23 inches
415 mm / 16.34 inches
410 mm / 16.14 inches
21.8 kg / 48.06 lbs
Package Weight:
24 kg / 52.91 lbs

    This package includes:

    (2) RCF ART915-AX Powered Speakers

    (2) RCF ART915 Authentic Speaker Covers

    *3-year Manufacturer Warranty