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Ape Labs Connect (W-App 2.0) | App + Wireless DMX, iOS & Android

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  • Ape Labs DMX Control/Consoles Ape Labs Connect (W-App 2.0) | App + Wireless DMX, iOS & Android

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Ape Labs Connect (W-App 2.0) | App + Wireless DMX, iOS & Android

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Ape Labs Connect (W-App 2.0) | App + Wireless DMX, iOS & Android

Ape Labs Connect (App + Wireless DMX Transceiver)

The Ape Labs Connect Bluetooth wireless DMX transceiver is the central transmitter station to control Ape Labs LED lights wirelessly via smartphone/tablet or via wireless DMX.

The device can be used as Ape Labs App Dongle, Wireless DMX Transmitter (for any DMX controllers), Wireless Ape Labs DMX Receiver, or Master Microphone for Sound Active Mode.

Use Ape Labs android/iOS app to address and/or set up fixtures. The app includes many new features. A color picker and battery run-time selection are now available. Custom colors, custom scenes, custom programs, shareable programs/colors, and many other great features...plus more to come!

The latest version of the App in the App Store automatically provides the required updates for the Ape Labs lights. The App is free and can be downloaded on an unlimited number of devices. The firmware updates for each fixture can be done wirelessly thru Ape Labs Connect.


  • Android/iOS Phone/Table will Bluetooth to Connect
  • The Ape Labs Connect will Communicate with Lights via 2.4Ghz
  • Constantly updated App with email feedback
  • Built-in battery for 50 hours of operation per charge
  • Wireless DMX transmitter and receiver
  • Each Ape Labs light can get its own DMX address
  • 1,200 meters (3,900ft) Wireless Range to Lights
  • Address Lights wirelessly thru App
  • Sound Active Option to Use Connect as Master Microphone, or each fixture
  • 3 pol. Neutrik DMX jacks in/out
  • All ApeRemote Features Plus More
  • 4 group management (and ability to toggle 1, 2, 3, or all at a time)
  • Transmission of up to 4 DMX universes simultaneously (with 4 Connect or W-App transceivers)
  • Frequency range: 2.4 GHz (2400 – 2485 MHz)
  • Transmission power: Max. 20 dBm ~ 100mW (EIRP*)

Key Facts

  • Dongle for Ape Labs Android/iOS App
  • Wireless DMX transmitter (Dongle for any DMX Controller)
  • Dongle for KNX
  • 3,900ft Wireless DMX Range
  • 50-Hour Battery Life
  • DMX Transmitter or Receiver
  • Compatible with All DMX Controllers
  • Android/iOS Phone / Tablet Required for Use

Key Ape Labs App for iOS & Android Features

  • Color Wheel / Color Pallet Picker
  • Save Custom Colors
  • Save Custom Programs
  • Trigger Preset Colors / Programs
  • Set Battery Run-time (auto adjust the brightness to reach the desired run-time)
  • Wirelessly Update, Address, and Set up Fixtures
  • Trigger one, two, three, or all four groups at once
  • Select Sound Active Mode (universal sync or individual mics)
  • Wireless DMX Transmitter for use with any controller
  • Wireless DMX Receiver for use with non-Ape Labs products (DMX mode)
  • Adjustable Brightness, Speed & Strobe (0-100%)
  • Blackout (some or all groups)
  • Unlock All Settings/Features including Pairing, Battery Indicator, Flicker-Free Mode
  • Sync Custom Settings Across Devices
  • Share Custom Programs, Scenes & Colors with other users

Compatible Products

  • Ape Labs lights include:
  • Coin, Coin 2.0, Can, Can SE, Can 2.0, Mini, Mini 2.0, Stick, Stick 2.0, Stick XL 2.0, Glow Tubes, Double Wall Mini, Double Wall Maxi, DW Maxi 2.0, Track Maxi, Bulb GU10, and all current 2.0 series fixtures.
  • As well as the original W-App

Smart Home Integration / KNX

NOTE: An additional KNX-DMX adapter is required for the KNX control!

  • KNX smart home control is carried out with a KNX DMX adapter which is connected to the CONNECT using a DMX cable
  • KNX-DMX adapter and the CONNECT are integrated into the building installation, the output DMX signal is fed into the CONNECT via the XLR socket
  • KNX control is via DMX signal to the Ape Labs lights
  • Generic RGBW 8-bit fixture can be used as a standard LED fixture
  • Compatible with all Ape Labs lights
  • Works with all KNX systems
  • KNX-DMX adapter is installed in the DIN rail of the sub-distribution
  • The CONNECT is permanently supplied with power via the power pack and is positioned at the sub-distribution

What's Included:

  • (1) Ape Labs Connect (aka: W-App 2.0)
  • (2) Omnidirectional Antenna
  • (1) Power Supply Unit (100-240V)
  • Unlimited Downloads of Ape Labs App for iOS & Android