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Quasar Science Q-Lion 3x1 Kit

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Quasar Science

Quasar Science Q-Lion 3x1 Kit

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Quasar Science Q-Lion 3x1 Kit:

The PERFECT 3-point lighting kit for interviews or your YouTube studio.

From lighting actors to lighting environments, the versatility of Quasar Science lights will help bring your imagination to life. With industry leading SSI, CRI, and TLCI scores, skin tones and fabrics standout like never before.

The Quasar Science Q-Lion Linear Battery Light is a turnkey lighting solution that has become a staple in the tool belt of many technicians.

Suited with 5 dimming levels set at 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 10%, the Q-Lion is customizable to any lighting scenario! Never worry about your lights dying, Q-Lions are able to operate while charging. An internal lithium ion battery provides a 4-hour runtime at 100% intensity.

Q-Lions are offered in 3 lengths, 7", 12", & 24". These lights also offer 3 switchable white light temperatures of 3000K, 4300K, & 5600K; all with the same high color fidelity Quasar is known for.

Magnetic feet and a M10 baby pin receiver allow for expansive rigging capabilities on any location. Single button operation offers simple yet intuitive user interface. Quick tap to change dimming levels, hold to change color temperatures, and double tap tap turn off. A sturdy yet lightweight build makes the Q-Lion perfect for travel and shooting on-the-go.

    Q-Lion 3x1 Kit Includes:

    • (1) 24" Q-Lion Light
    • (1) 12" Q-Lion Light
    • (1) 7" Q-Lion Light
    • (3) Single Chargers
    • (3)  Battery LED Baby Pins
    • (1) Custom Case & Foam